What are the factors that influence your Click through Rate (CTR)?


What is CTR?

CTR or Click through Rate is the term popularly used in Pay per Click campaigns. It is the metric which measures the success of an online PPC campaign. It can be defined as the number of times of the clicks divided by the number of impressions (the number of times the advertisements are shown)

Therefore, CTR = number of times of the clicks / number of impressions

For example, if an advertisement is shown a 100 times and 1 click is obtained, then it can be concluded that Click through Rate is 1% in this case.

How your CTR is affected?

There are different factors which affects your Click Through rate:

Competitive Market: In this era of advertisement and marketing, you cannot avoid the competitive market. With the increase in online marketing, the demand for Pay Per Click campaign is also increasing. Thus the chance for getting clicks for your advertisements is gradually decreasing with the competitive market. So a pay per click Management Company should always be creative and unique in making the ads so that it stands out of others in the market.

Specific Keywords: Proper selection and optimization of keywords is required to increase the CTR. Specific keywords can gain an increase in Click Through rate. If any product is being advertised, then the product name with the model number will be a specific keyword for that particular advertisement. For example, if the product name is Texas Calculator and the model no is X330M then the keyword should be like this: Texas X330M. The use of specific keyword will definitely give a boost in your CTR which may be around 10% or higher than that.

Ad Type: Some ads contain more images while others contain more informative texts. There are also some ads which consist of images conveying messages to the visitors. The advertisers should be clear about the message which they want to deliver and how they want it to be delivered to the target visitors. Thus, the selection of the ad type is very important to increase the CTR.

Ad Position: The position of the ad is also one of the necessary points to remember before creating an ad campaign. A study reveals that if the ad is placed on top of the page it gets higher visibility than the ads placed on the bottom of the page. Thus the advertisements if positioned in the top of the page can gain an increase in the CTR.

Page Layout: The layout of the page should be attractive to the online visitors. Due to the indefinite number of advertisements in different sites, the layout should be appealing to get the attention of the visitors. A new way to get different layout is using the Google Display Network which gives you an option to choose from a wide range of customized layouts. It’s impeccable ‘ad builder’ function helps to create attractive ads for your potential customers.

How high CTR is not always good for your business?

Though high CTR can give a boost in the keyword ranking the search results page, it is not always a better option to get good business from it. A high CTR means higher number of clicks which indirectly means a lot of money because every click costs money. But every click does not turn into leads thus conversion rates get affected and so the business.

Measure your Campaign: Finally you should know how to measure your own CTR to get the taste of your success in the ad campaign. Wordstream have introduced a new tool named as Adwords Performance Grader. A pay per click Management Company also helps to analyze your ads in different ad positions and gives you the desired result.

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    A high CTR means that it attracts attention and get clicks often. A low CTR means the ad is under-performing and should be evaluated further. Other similar terms include: response rate, click-thru ratio.

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