5 Android Apps for Bloggers

5 Free Android Apps for Bloggers

Bloggers like me love connecting to others who are in their community and partnership. Bloggers are always looking for some fresh and good content. They love reading blogs staying updated with friends, chatting, tweeting and a lot more. Here are some apps for bloggers who use Android Operating system by Google:


Blogger app is created by Google which helps bloggers to do mobile blogging. This simple app helps us in posting using an android mobile phone. You can add tags, categories, images in your post easily using this simple tiny app.

WordPress App

This application is created for bloggers who use WordPress as their blogging platform. WordPress app makes it easy to do mobile posting. One who love to post articles using mobile phones can use this special application. Bloggers can use this app to approve and reply to the comments, check their blog stats and save posts as drafts.


Social Networking sites are the best way to spread your blog content virally. Hoot Suite is created for bloggers who love connecting to others. It is probably the best Android app that helps you syndicate your web content to social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Apart from this you can check click-through rate of your tweets and schedule updates. Google Analytics Every Blogger likes to track their site stats. Google Analytics makes it easy to track your page views, blog visits easily. Mobile Google Analytics for Android is a secure, fast and very lightweight application for accessing your Blog statistics data.

Tech News

Tech News is a awesome application which helps you track the latest updates from big technology websites like mashable, Labnol, Techno-Buzz and lot more. Plus you can add your any rss feed address to this app to add it to your feed list.