Jetpack WordPress Plugin Review

Jetpack WordPress Plugin Review

Jetpack is a free WordPress plug-in released by the Automattic team that super charges your self-hosted websites now, which was not the case until recently as they have been in use only for users and this plug-in comes with an awful power for cloud computing accessibility from Word Press. Some of the Jetpack features includes simple, concise stats that have no additional load on your server with a URL shortners, Hovercard popups for your commentors using Gravatar and have easily embedded media from popular sites like You Tube, Digg and Vimeo.


Jetpack Features

Some of the features has been borrowed from previous plug-ins and has been integrated into this plug-in. This includes simple tools that can aid in including mathematical expressions on your site, with a widget displaying the latest tweets on your twitter account which was originally provided by the Wicked Twitter Widget. Earlier a feature of Share daddy WP plug-in for sharing your posts via social networking and print or email the post option has now been integrated into the Jet Pack WP plug-in. Yet another feature that is being borrowed includes the integration of the artificial intelligence, which will include spell style and grammar checker that is being borrowed from After the Deadline. While the list does not seemed to end for the plug-in, there seems to plan to borrow more of such features and improvements are on the way to integrate them into one simple plug-in that which will serve multi functionality features.

Jetpack Pros and Cons

While you will find that, many of the users are finding this Jet Pack plug-in as a useful alternative to view their stats, which has all of a sudden, has created negative waves among few. This plug in has recently has become a plug in that is not desirable and hated, while the reason for this being hated is that the plug-in is too bulky and does too many thinks and serves many masters, that a simple technical glitch could bring down the whole system. However, what is good is that you can decide to use the required functionalities as per your needs.

What is good about the Jet Pack plug in is that you will find them removing the other plug-ins and you do not have to rack your brain thinking which plug-in that you installed and their purpose. When something stops working, do nothing but install this package and you will find all the other borrowed features from other plug-ins will be removed automatically in no time.

To wrap up, for now some of the major plug-ins that will be switched off with this plug is being installed on your self-hosted blog on Word Press are the Twitter Widget, Gravatar Hover cards (for your business cards), LaTex integration (for mathematical formulas),, Share Daddy, After the deadline and Short code Embeds.

Are you using this great plug-in or thinking about give it a try? Let us know your experience with this plug-in or share your opinion in the comments area below.

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IT Security Manager who is also a part time technology blogger and loves all things Wordpress and Social Media

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IT Security Manager who is also a part time technology blogger and loves all things Wordpress and Social Media

  • Helpnews

    I think JetPack is one of the best and useful plugin. thanks Praveen Shivaraman for the article.

  • Sreejesh

    I install Jetpack for wpstats, and it does work very well, but i saw a slight change in the site performance though.

  • vikas

    Hey i didn’t knew that Jetpack plugin was that much useful. Going to try it now. thanks Praveen Shivaraman

  • Website Design PA

    Every new plugin give us some new features. I think plugin is important to protect our blogs content. jetpack wordpress plugin has more features than previous plugins. I hope everybody also like it.

  • Eddie

    I’m still not convinced that I want to try Jetpack. The negatives are a put-off. Maybe I’ll wait till some refinements are done to the plugin and it becomes more reliable.

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  • Himanshu

    i have tried to use it many time . but the xmlrpc error always aborts the request.

  • Jon

    I had a page load error caused by the stats part, loading of failed, so decided to uninstall Jetpack. Liked the social buttons and the short code.

  • Yaseen Khan

    It is an very useful and helpful information for us. Really it will help us in future. Thanks for sharing it.