How to Use Large Images the Smart Way

Getting people’s attention on your website is now more important than ever given the huge influx of new sites online. As a result, many site are using large images above the fold,” in order to do this. The problem is that a lot of these images are stretched beyond their natural size in order to be eye-catching enough. This makes them look stretched and distorted. There are other problems with big images as well. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to avoid this problem.


Keep It Simple

If you’re using one huge photo for the backdrop for your site, it’s important that you keep the rest of the design of the site very simple. This is because otherwise the site will become very cluttered. If you have a really beautiful image to serve as a background, you don’t want to ruin it by putting too many other things in the same photo that might distract from what you’ve got. This means that you should try and just put the bare minimum that you need for description, and try to put the menu options on the sides so they don’t obscure you have.


Focus on Contrast

Obviously, not all photos will be useable when creating backgrounds. Usability is more important than anything else. AS a result, you need to make sure that you use the right sort of picture in terms of contrast. Users are often really turned off by things they can’t read, and if you have a picture that has the wrong kind of contrast, you’ll end up with a problem when it comes time to actually read anything that you have there. For example, if you have thing white fonts and you’re using a picture that has a light contrast, everything will be washed out and impossible to read. Basically, if you have a light picture, you’ll want to use dark text in order to show up properly. If the image is darker, you’ll need regular white text in order to show up in contrast. Of course there are ways to use light photos with light text if that’s what you want. You can use techniques like a drop shadow, making a light photo darker in order to get the contrast right.

Use the Right Software

If you’re worried about distortion when increasing the size of an image, the important thing is to make sure that you don’t just do it in Paint. You need a program that can actually keep the dimensions the same even when you’re expanding the picture. There is an option for doing that in Photoshop but you can also use IrfanView (free) and the ACDSee family. You can check the box that locks the dimensions in place. This will let you expand the dimensions without making the photo looked stretched or uncanny at all when you make it much larger. This is key to making sure your photos are nice and big, but also nice and clear.

Finding Photos

Obviously it’s important that you put some effort into finding photos that right way as well. There are plenty of stock photos out there that are completely free. The Creative Commons site can help you find them. This will let you use sites like Google Image search or Flickr. That way, you can specify dimensions when you’re searching. This will make it easier to find images that are large enough.

Once you have the right image, it can help to use a website maker in order to make sure that you integrate the background image properly into the site that you then create.

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IT Security Manager who is also a part time technology blogger and loves all things Wordpress and Social Media

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IT Security Manager who is also a part time technology blogger and loves all things Wordpress and Social Media

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