Nov 29

How to Change WordPress Admin User Password in PHPMyAdmin

On the rare occasion you have a WordPress blog and do not remember what the admin password is or any administrator account password you do have the option to reset it directly from PHPMyAdmin on your hosting provider so that you can once again log in.  Sure you can do the forgotten password feature in WordPress and follow the email to change the password, but this method can also be used to change the password for admin accounts on blogs you may administrate but not own, so therefore the email is tied to someone else and you wouldn’t see the email.

The steps to reset your WordPress Admin password in PHPMyAdmin are below:

  • Log into your hosting providers CPanel or web hosting panel
  • Click on PHPMyAdmin


If you don’t know the username/password to your PHPMyAdmin you can actually get it from your wp-config.php file which is in the root directory in your file manager.  You can login with this ID and see the WordPress database tables.

Just look for these 2 lines in wp-config.php for your database user and password.


Once you are in your PHPMyAdmin and looking at your WordPress database, click on your users table, which will be a prefix_users typically. The prefix could be whatever was configured, it could be wp_users but that would be the default and really a good hosting and WordPress install should not use default table names. 


When you click on users you will see a list of all users in your WordPress database, if you have no guest publishers or writers you may only see the 1 admin user, or if you don’t use the default admin username (which you shouldn’t) you will see the 1 username you recognize.

Click on the Edit link on the left when you identify the admin username.

Now type in your new password in clear text on the user_pass row


Then select the down arrow right to the left of it, and make sure you select MD5 in the drop down after you typed the password.


Then click save button at bottom of screen.


This will properly hash the password to MD5 which is required for WordPress, if you left it in clear text then the password would not work.

Now you can try going to your WordPress admin dashboard and logging in with the password you just set for your WordPress admin account through PHPMyAdmin.



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