May 20

Customize the WordPress Post Editor

This is quick tutorial on how you can customize the WordPress Post Editor screen to remove modules you don’t want or need to see and move around modules so they are easier to access and help you be a little quicker and more efficient when writing posts.


Watch the Video:


You can simply click Screen Options at the top right of the WordPress editor screen


And uncheck the modules you don’t want to see to help prevent clutter, then for any modules you want to move around you can simply click on the module and drag it around to where you want to place it, you can place modules either on the left column or the smaller right column depending on where you need them and how wide the module needs to be.

Featured Image, Excerpt are modules which you may want to have close to your post editor area, as well as Featured Image, Categories and Tags for example.


You can also resize your Post Editor area where you type by simply grabbing the bottom right of the post editor area and scaling it up or down to give you more or less space to write your post.



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