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The secret to being success in any business, is to be able to identify your most valuable assets and then put those to the best possible use and use them to generate the most possible revenue.

As a webmaster or a blogger, your most valuable asset is of course your website, and that includes your content and your own ‘personality’. These are things that most of us understand well and will usually be effective at monetizing. But there is another very important asset and one that we often tend to forget: which is the fans.

No, I’m not just talking about your visitors – though of course all visitors are very important – I’m actually talking about the ‘fans’ in particular. That’s the people who don’t just ‘like’ your website, but love it. The people who will visit countless times and who think that everything you do is golden. These kinds of visitors are not just good for your ego: they’re actually invaluable assets who can be incredibly powerful allies in promoting your site and turning it into a hit.

Read on to find out just what your fans can do for your website:

Buying Products: The first thing to do if you have a large fan following on your website, is to make the most of them by creating a product for them to sell. Fans who are really keen on your website will buy things that the Joe public won’t, so why not publish a book collecting your best articles, or sell some signed prints even? Your site is something they’re passionate about, so give them an outlet for that!

Fans are also ideal candidates for promotional merchandise – if you have printed t-shirts to sell or mugs, then they will not only buy them and earn you profit this way, but also be happy to wear them/use them in public and thus generate more exposure for your brand.

Spreading the Word: Another thing that fans are great for, is spreading the world about your site and bringing more people to your pages. They will do this largely of their own accord, and particularly if you have a forum. At the same time though, you can also ask them to specifically share particular links, or just work to create ‘link bait’ that you know your fans will be particularly eager to share.

Filling Forums: Fans will also be the most active contributors to your forums which will a) generate lots of content for you and b) welcome new visitors to your site and spread general enthusiasm.

Crowdsourcing: Another use for fans is feedback. Most fans will be more than happy to share their enthusiastic opinions with you regarding your site and if you find out what it was that made them fans in the first place then you can increase your chances of turning more visitors into fans. That’s one of the best thing about fans – once you have a few, it’s never long before you get a whole lot more!

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The author of this post, Michael Todd, is an online marketing executive at PenTech Solutions which specializes in building web based apps in Connecticut. His hobbies include fishing and kart racing.

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