7 Essential Things Every Great Landing Page Needs

A landing page is the page that people land on if they press a link or if they are led somewhere. It is the page that first pops up, and any page can be a landing page. If you pick a page on your website at random and put a backlink to it on another website, then technically it is a landing page. People will click that backlink and land on your page. If you are planning on getting targeted traffic through these backlinks, then it is a good idea to have a very good landing page. Here are some tips to help you out.

1 – It needs to answer the question

Somebody has click on your link or your advert for a reason. They had a question in mind. It may be a very subtle one, but it is a question none the less. If you have a great price on an advert, then people may wonder if there is a catch. If people do not see enough information, then there question may be, “where can I get more information about that product or service.”

These are all questions that a person may be thinking, so you need to make sure that your landing page answers these questions and answers them quickly. If you are stupid enough to have put a load of your data near the bottom of the page, then people are not going the scroll down and they will not indulge your advert. They will see the landing page; they will recognize that it has no real information on it so they will just bounce.

You need to create a landing page that answers the question and does it quickly. It can be anything from simply giving the price of a product, to showing a video of it not breaking under the weight of a car.

2- It needs to have the answer within the top third of the page

This is for two reasons; the first is because people will not look any lower than the top third of the page when they first glance at it. If they think your landing page is going to launch into a bunch of sales blurb instead of answering their question then they will just bounce. It only takes seconds for them to decide to leave.

3 – It needs to render very quickly

There is nothing worse than capturing the interest of a potential client and actually having them get all the way to your landing page, only for it to take a few seconds to render, whereupon they leave. Test your web page with a mobile Internet dongle in a laptop with a slow processor. If the page takes seconds to render, then it is time for a change to make it faster.

4 – It needs to load even quicker

Once the page has rendered then half of the battle is won. It now needs to load quickly. Call to the CSS as an external resource, but call to it early on in your web script. It will help rendering time and give you a slight head start on loading times. Remove any heavy objects on the landing page that may be holding back the loading times.

5 – It should not have affiliate advertising near the top (or at all)

This is a landing page, so you need to sell the idea of your website so that they stay, or sell the idea of your product so that they buy. You can have affiliate advertising on your website if you must, but at the very least you should make sure it is not present on your landing page.

6 – It should have multiple apparent options to navigate places

If your landing page has just one link that goes just one place, then you are going to lose more people than ever. People do not like landing pages with just one place to go. Do not have the same link at different points on your page. You need to have links that go different places, such as ones that take you to other categories, or to the checkout, or to the opening hours section. Give them just one option and they will leave.

7 – It should have a place for an immediate yes

There is a chance that your advert or your exterior link sold your product or your service. When they get to your landing page, give them a direct link that will allow them to place an order right away. It allows the user to strike whilst the iron is hot. They may be put off if you make them go through the normal categories and links before finding what they want.

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