Dec 04

NoCaptcha to Make Forms Easier and Block Spam Better

Google announced that it was changing ReCaptcha to NoCaptcha or NoCaptcha ReCaptcha actually which is the same service but instead if is designed with a better algorithm to analyze whether it is a real human visiting your site and trying to fill out a form or if it is a bot.   Going forward instead of seeing a ReCaptcha form if Google identifies the browser as a human visiting instead they will only have to confirm a checkbox that they are not a robot.




If the algorithm isn’t sure you will be prompted with a much larger variety of ReCaptcha options that are quick and easy for a human to select, but much harder for bots to be programmed to answer properly, these things involve seeing an image and having to match the picture to another image of something related, something incredibly hard to program a spam bot to do.

What do you think about NoCaptcha and will it help the EVER growing army of spam bots?  I know I want the spammers to stop on my own forms and they seem to defeat Captcha just too easily right now.

You can read more about NoCaptcha here.

Nov 11

Tips on How to Work With WordPress Using Oracle Database

A lot of WordPress web designers and developers find it very intimidating to work using the Oracle Database. This is because majority of them do not know the process they can apply to be able to effectively integrate and use Oracle Database to WordPress. Again, going through a number of leading blogs that dedicate a post or two to this subject, most slap a big No to using Oracle DB.

Fortunately, this does not have to be you. You can easily learn the process of using Oracle DB with WordPress because it is not difficult. Below are some simple guidelines on the steps you need to take to make this work:

The Steps:

Get A Fitting Script

To start with, you need to get a code script that allows you to integrate Oracle DB to WordPress while allowing you to perform the functions that you need. For instance, you need to find a script that allows the creation of a connection, querying, and showing results. For instance, if you are looking for a function that allows you to create a connection, do a query and give you the results using the Oracle Express’ resources schema, then you can use the script below:

functionMyOracleConnection ()


$conn = oci_connect(‘hr’, ‘tester’, ‘localhost/XE’);

if (!$conn) {

$e = oci_error();

trigger_error(htmlentities($e[‘message’], ENT_QUOTES), E_USER_ERROR);


else     {

echo ‘<p>Congrats: Oracle meets WordPress!</p>’;



// Prepare the statement

$stid = oci_parse($conn, ‘SELECT * FROM departments’);

if (!$stid) {

$e = oci_error($conn);

trigger_error(htmlentities($e[‘message’], ENT_QUOTES), E_USER_ERROR);



// Perform the logic of the query

$r = oci_execute($stid);

if (!$r) {

$e = oci_error($stid);

trigger_error(htmlentities($e[‘message’], ENT_QUOTES), E_USER_ERROR);



// Fetch the results of the query

print “<table border=’1′>\n”;

while ($row = oci_fetch_array($stid, OCI_ASSOC+OCI_RETURN_NULLS)) {

print “<tr>\n”;

foreach ($row as $item) {

print ”<td>” . ($item !== null ? htmlentities($item, ENT_QUOTES) : “&nbsp;”) . “</td>\n”;


print “</tr>\n”;


print “</table>\n”;






Using this function within your WordPress template should give you the desired results. There are also many resources online for such scripts.


Do an Audit

Using tools like RACcheck run an Oracle audit to ensure that it is working well within your WordPress settings. These tools allow you to check configuration settings, database as well as the real application clusters databases in Oracle, among others. Such tools help you to verify that you have properly installed the Oracle Database within your WordPress.

Run Oracle for WordPress

Now that you have installed and verified that you have installed well your Oracle Database in WordPress, all that remains is to start using it. You are ready to go working with WordPress using Oracle Database. In case of any problems, remember to work with a professional Oracle assistant/agent who will help you rectify the problem promptly and correctly.

With these simple guidelines, it is now up to you to start working with WordPress using Oracle Databases, including Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), which works wonders if well integrated with WordPress.


Author Bio:

John Stone is an Oracle Database expert and a WordPress Developer. He has experience with Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) and WordPress. You can reach him by visiting his website.


Oct 29

6 Steps to Choosing the Best Web design Company

Over the recent past, there have been massive changes in the way companies push their brands in order to gain market leverage. One such way is having a great and effective website that is not only good looking, but is highly effective at converting prospects to buyers. This, in return, means that you have to employ the services of the best web design, CSS and graphic design company if you want to be competitive. Below are some tips to help you identify the best web design firm for you.

The Steps to Choosing a Web Design Company

  • What’s Your Bottom Line

To start with, it is very important that you define exactly what it is that you want to achieve with your website. This will help you identify the strong points that you need incorporated within your website so that you can realize your aspirations.

  • What’s Your Budget

Besides knowing what you want, it is also important to define your budget for the web design project. This will give you guidance how to bargain and the best company to work with. However, be careful not to sacrifice quality for money savings.

  • What Skills Are Needed

A more advanced step is to identify the kind of web design skills you might require from your web design company of choice. If you need a CSS expert, a graphic designer and a web designer, ensure that you confirm that your choice web services provider can avail all the skills. The reason why this is so important is that you need a fully functional, yet customized website for your business.

  • Experience

Besides being able to avail the required skills, your web design company should demonstrate many years of experience working with different types of clients. This experience is vital to providing great service. It also demonstrates the level of expertise the company staff has.

  • Portfolio

Your web design service provider should also have a good portfolio of previous clients from which you can gauge the kind of work it does. At the same time, you have people you can contact to get a first-hand narration of the feel of service that you may get.

  1. Ease of Contact

Finally, your choice web designer should be easy to get in touch with. The firm should be readily available to listen to your concerns, and should be ready to involve you in every step of the design process. Remember, it is your website and it should feel and look the way your business looks.

Here is the bottom line; any web design, CSS or graphic design project relating to your business should be by an experienced professional. This is someone who can help bring your ideas to reality, helping you easily communicate your brand message to your target audience. Such a company should also offer a quick service, meeting even the tightest of deadlines. Above all, it should be reputable, easy to work with and highly skilled.

Author Bio:

John Lewis is a web design expert who works at a leading web development firm. The company offers web design/CSS/graphic design services. Learn more here.


Oct 27

Improve Your Web Design Using These 4 Tips

Your website layout, the fonts and colors used, as well as the images on your website dictate the success or failure of your site. They are the mark points that determine lower bounce rates, lower exit rates and high conversions or high abandonment and very low conversions.

Anyone seeking to make it easy for website visitors to use a website and to make them stay longer should follow the following tips.

  1. A Simple Professional Logo

Most people ignore this, but a professional logo is the first step towards branding your business. You should have the logo conspicuously on your site, preferably on the upper left corner of the site, and link it back to your website’s home page. Linking it to the home page allows users of your website easily navigate back to this main page of your website from where they can access all the other parts of your website.

  1. Employ Intuitive Navigation

Whenever possible, have your primary navigation at the top horizontal bar. Then have a secondary navigation menu just below it or on the left side bar of your website. Doing so eases movement of users from one page to the other where they can follow related content. This helps improve conversions compared to having jumbled up links all over the content of your web pages, which are a big turn off due to the confusion they cause.

  1. Professional Photography

It is highly advisable that you invest in professional photography. Such photos eliminate the chances of having generic images, which website users easily sniff out. While at it, also employ the services of a professional graphic designer to put together high resolution graphics for your website that also load easily.

  1. Font Choice

Do not go for just any font because it looks awesome or artistic. Instead, go for a font that is easily viewable across multiple browsers and devices. Since most people now view websites from mobile devices, it is important to use the mainstream fonts that can also be easily legible from such devices.

  1. Every Page Should be a Landing Page

Most people forget that not every website visitor will come to your website through the home page. Thus, a majority of website owners concentrate on making the home page the only effective landing page. Instead, you should know that a majority of your web visitors will actually enter your site from other pages other than the home page. Therefore, make every page a landing page, complete with a call to action.

Remember; always ensure that you have a very distinct call to action, the best graphics and contact information above the fold on your website. A slight adjustment of your CSS should allow this, which results to better conversions and higher profits from your website.

Finally, it is always advisable to engage the services of a professional web design/CSS/graphic design company to ensure that you get the best, most effective website for your business.


Author Bio:

John Lewis works at our firm which offers web design, graphic design and CSS website design services. Visit our site to learn more.


Oct 25

Tips to Improve Your Web Design with CSS and Professional Graphic Design

A great website is one has perfect tailoring to please the eyes of the user while also quietly romancing the search engine robots in the background. Such a website has a great look and feel, great content, awesome graphics and a clean code. This web design is only achievable if its planning and professional execution is by an experienced team of web design, CSS and graphic design experts.

Have a CSS based website

A good understanding of CSS is essential for any website designer if such want to be able to customize a website to client’s needs. Actually, a CSS based website is probably the best kind of a website that one can have, and especially in the modern times where technology dictates we shift to the mobile responsive websites.

Ensure great quick-loading graphics

At the same time, the graphics and images used on your website should be small enough so that they can load very fast without slowing the site, yet they should be of the highest resolution possible. They should communicate your company brand, send out the required information, but still be highly appealing to the eyes of your website users, keeping them longer on your website. Remember, that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, an infographic is worth many thousands more words!

Professional Web Design

To top it all, as much as you want a great looking website, you should also remember that it should remain very professional. Let your website have your corporate colors, a great logo, well organized navigation menu, and a matching footer, all while clearly indicating the best ways for your customers to get in touch with you. This website should also be highly optimized for the search engines so that it can achieve faster indexing faster and rank at the top of the organic search results easier and faster too.

Simply put, a great website uses a combination of techniques and expertise. You need to have a good coder, a graphic designer and an SEO expert, all working together. This is why it is always highly recommended that you engage the services of a web design company as opposed to contracting an individual designer. Such companies have different individuals who are specialized in different aspects of professional web designing.

Working together, they are able to bring out a highly customized website that matches all your business needs, and one that is easy for you to use and operate. Such a website makes work easier in your company and improves productivity. The end result is the much desired improvement in the bottom line.

Here is the bottom line; if you seek to have a great website that seamlessly combines a perfect web design, CSS and graphic design, then you need to work with the best experts available. Such experts are actually affordable and they will save you so much in terms of time, resources and money.

Author Bio:

John Lewis is a professional Web Design and SEO expert at a leading web development firm. Click here to learn more about how they can help you with your web design needs.


Sep 19

The Twitter Remarketing Setup for WordPress

The connectedness of the Internet, and your WordPress site, should go beyond posting links between your website or blog and social media accounts. It should include trackable links between the two which work to better target your audience.

A plugin that you can use on your WordPress site to do just that is known as Twitter Remarketing. It involves connecting your Twitter account, your WordPress website, and Google’s Tag Manager. The payoff is a better focused Twitter ad campaigns, and a better understanding of your ROI and audience

What is the goal of Twitter Remarketing?

Twitter Remarketing is designed to focus on Twitter users who have already visited your website. This focus targets them for the Twitter ads that will keep you and your WordPress website on their mind by showing these ads to people who you know who are already interested in you, rather than random people who fit a certain profile.

Twitter Remarketing is a bit like being able to advertise to those who have come into your shop and asked questions, rather than just advertising to anyone who has ever walk past your store and glanced in the window. This can result in a better ROI, more traffic being driven to your website, and a better conversion rate if you’re using your WordPress website to sell product.

As most of you well know, the point from “I’m interested in this product,” to “I bought that product,” can be a long and tricky one. Twitter Remarketing can help you catch users when they’re at the point of “I’m ready to buy this product,” and put you right in their Twitter feed.

How to install Twitter Remarketing in your WordPress website

Twitter Remarketing takes a bit of work, and a bit of coding. It is also complicated somewhat thanks to how Google is involved. Follow the fifteen steps below carefully and slowly, and you’ll have it set up and be on your way to creating a true connection between your WordPress website and your Twitter account.

  1. Go to Twitter’s homepage and click on the Settings gear of your profile page.
  2. Click on “Twitter Ads” from the drop-down menu. You will be sent to your Twitter ad dashboard.
  3. Select the “Conversion Tracking” option from along the top bar.
  4. In the window that opens select “Create Your First Website Tag.”
  5. This is when you will name your Twitter Remarketing campaign. Give it something that will be easy to remember as you may have more than one campaign on the go.
  6. Choose “Website visits” as the type of conversion you want to track in this example.
  7. Select the “Create a Tailored Audience for Remarketing Purposes” option.
  8. Create your Twitter Remarketing tag by simply clicking on the “Create Tag” button. You will be given a custom tag in a popup box. Keep this window open for later use, and create a backup in another document you leave open by cutting and pasting it.
  9. If you don’t have one, open a Google Tag Manager account. You will be given an assigned website ID. Copy it and paste it into the document with your backup of the Twitter Remarketing tag. Label them both so you know which is which – better safe and labelled than sorry!
  10. Open up your WordPress website’s editing dashboard. Click on Tags,  then create a “New Tag”.

  11. Choose a name for the tag, you might as well use the same one as you chose in step four.
  12. Go to the drop down menu and choose “Custom HTML tag” as the tag you want.
  13. Open up the page that your Twitter Remarketing tag still in, or go to the document with the Twitter Remarketing tag backed up. Take the tag and paste it into the Custom HTML tag box.
  14. Go back to your WordPress website’s dashboard. Now select the Plugins section, and select “Add New” from the menu.
  15. A search box comes up, search for “Google Tag Manager.”
  16. Install the Google Tag Manager plugin, and use the Google Tag Manager ID that is still waiting for you in the backup folder.

If you have followed that exactly you will now have the Twitter Remarketing plugin installed. If that all sounded like doing the hokey-pokey backwards, the WordPress Support team are great at helping people through their help section on problems like this.

Which Twitter ad should you use with Twitter Remarketing?

There are three basic good choices you can make for your Twitter Remarketing efforts:

  1. Twitter Lead Generation Cards
  2. Twitter Summary Cards
  3. Twitter App Cards

Twitter Lead Generation Cards are great at collecting the best data, their email addresses, with minimal effort while still getting that link built between your WordPress site and Twitter. A big email address database is still a key part of any marketer’s arsenal, combining it with Twitter Remarketing can lead to big ROI’s and better conversions.

Twitter Summary cards also work well since they’re designed to have a link to your website in them. One link sent at the right to someone who is already interested in you can make all the difference. It doesn’t, however, capture data like Twitter Lead Generation Cards.

With so many people out there developing apps, it would be wrong to mention Twitter Apps Cards. This can help you get people who are ready to make a snap decision. Twitter App Cards feature a direct download link. This can be the perfect ad to send out once you already know that the person is interested since they already visited your website. This may be the best opportunity out of all the Twitter Remarketing choices, but is only for those with apps.

Why you need to try Twitter Remarketing on your WordPress site

Twitter Remarketing will allow you to connect data, and Twitter followers who are genuinely interested in you, with the power of connected web properties. With these working for you you can expect more visits to your website, higher sales, a better ROI for your Twitter ads, and increased brand exposure amongst those who have shown interest in you.

Beyond all the data, multi-channeling, and advertising, Twitter Remarketing can be about  creating deeper bonds between your website and those who know about. A one time visit that causes them to join your Twitter following doesn’t mean anything unless they’re actively being engaged. Twitter Remarketing can help build that connection as you appeal more to those who have already tried to know more.

Author bio:

Matthew is the analyst for the social media focused Devumi blog. You can catch up with him every Friday as he writes about Twitter, YouTube, Google, SoundCloud, Pinterest, and Vimeo.

Sep 12

Earn Income Being a Web Hosting Affiliate

There may be a lot of people crowding the web hosting market but there is always room for more, and carving out and gaining your own piece of the web hosting affiliate programs online can help earn a second income that can mean a difference if you are trying to pay off bills or save for your kids college program.  Some web entrepreneurs can make entire full time incomes from being web hosting affiliates, dedicating entire review sites or coverage sites for a variety of web hosting affiliate programs online.  The best ones are transparent with their reviews and show honest user reviews both the pros and cons and let the reader decide which web hosting program they want to go with and which company.

Or not everyone can afford to test every web hosting program, so they just focus on the selling points of a single program and use that as their incentive guide, but there is always some risk of an unhappy client who if the company doesn’t perform or provide the level of service expected.

A recent web hosting affiliate program that grabbed my attention is WebHostingHub which offers higher commissions for affiliates than any other web hosting program I have seen online to date, almost double what the affiliate programs like Bluehost pays for example.

All packages with Hub include:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Web Builder
  • $75 Adwords Credit
  • 24/7 US Support
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited E-mail
  • Unlimited Websites

And they have $4.99 per month rate if purchases pre-pay 3 years of the plan, $6.99 per month if they pay annually.  This is for the spark plan, with great rates for higher tier Nitro and Dynamo plans, you get to choose your datacenter location as well (West or East coast) when choosing the Nitro or Dynamo plan.  Web Hosting Hub also claims to run suPHP on their servers, which allows for a much higher level of security for CMS applications that rely on PHP like WordPress which is another selling point.

 Sign Up as a Web Hosting Hub Affiliate Now and Right From Here!

Sign Up Now and Become a WebHostingHub Affiliate and see if you can start bringing in a second income while helping others find affordable and reliable (so I am told) web hosting.  With WebHostingHub you can set payments to be sent to Paypal, Check or Bank Direct Deposit, you can set a $100 minimum threshold or increase if you would prefer to have payouts accrue to a specific amount which you would want to do later on if you manage to bring in a lot of sales per month.

Personal Information

Additional Information


Sep 11

Video SEO Crash Course Giveaway

So, you’ve been running your site for a while now, but folks (prospects and visitors) don’t seem
to really notice your site. Chances are, it’s just because you did not take the time to properly
configure SEO settings on your WordPress site. It goes without saying that you can browse tons
of sites on your own and eventually get to know what you need to do on your site in order to SEO
beautify it.

Problem is, it’s a whole lot of time and if you think that it’s Ok waste it, think again. You could
invest that time into more fun or lucrative things, such as spending quality time with your family
or actually creating high ­quality content for your blog. Guess what? There’s a simple solution to
the problem.

Walk You Through

You can just take an SEO Crash Course for WordPress Users that explains you what EXACTLY
you need to do in order to properly apply best WordPress SEO practices to your blog. Doing so
allows you to give a boost to your Google rankings. And that means more visitors for your site.
And as you know, they can eventually become your customers or just returning visitors (more

$99 or for Free

What’s more, you can get access to the $99 value video course for free. Before you get to know
what exactly you need to do for that, you probably want to learn more about the course itself
because you may be not exactly sure that you need it in the first place, right?

What You’ll Learn

The course is all about video SEO training and you’ll flabbergasted how easier it is to configure
your WordPress if you can just watch a video about that specific aspect you’re trying to wrap
your head around at this particular moment.

For starters, you’ll learn how to install and set up the most important WordPress SEO plugin out
there. It’ll allow you to handle most of the SEO aspects from one place in your WordPress
dashboard. You’ll be able to easily connect your Google Analytics account, create XML sitemap,
just to name a few.

Other than that, you’ll get to know how to do keyword research in order to target the right search
terms, how to largely improve your site content by adding certain elements. Since the Web is
getting more visual nowadays, you surely use or at least should use lots of images and videos
on your site. Thing is, all the assets require search optimization as well. The course has a few
videos that tackle specifically the issues of optimizing both imagery and videos. Also, you’ll learn
what you need to improve in your site in order to boost your local search rankings.

Also, the course gets updated on a regular basis. For instance, Google discontinued the
authorship feature in search snippets the other day. This change got immediately reflected in the
course content. This just goes to say that the course you may want to get now is something that
will keep you up­to­date when it comes to all sorts of SEO changes.

Over Your Head?

If all or some of the above­ mentioned terms don’t really make sense to you now, that’s no
problem at all because the video course was designed specifically for people who are new to
Wordpress SEO. Rest assured, the course will coach you through the process of learning what
SEO is in general and how to configure your WordPress site with search engine optimization in

How to Get Free Access

Now that you know about all the awesomeness that comes with the course, you want to know
what you can do to actually get it. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty easy. You just need to leave a
witty comment about your biggest SEO issue with your WordPress that you’re trying to figure out
now. The first five people who leave their messages in the comments will luckily get free access
to the video course on WordPress SEO.

About the Author

Vitaliy Kolos has extensive experience in creating video courses in the field of SEO. He’s sure
that all SEOs and just site owners out there running their sites on WordPress deserve the right
to learn fast. He thinks so because he was in the same shoes back in the day.

Sep 07

Take Your Business to the Next Level through YouTube Marketing


YouTube is a perfect network where business can effectively utilize to promote their brand online. It is important to know that most of the people visit this platform only for entertainment and therefore a business or service must create and publish some video content that are entertaining enough for the youtube users. So I am going to give you some step that can help you market you business on youtube.

Reasons for YouTube Marketing Strategy

Thousands of visitors use these networks for entertainment and also thousands of users are using platform business purposes. Advertisements methods only work where thousands of people come so this is the good platform where you can create some effective business offer for the users. Advertise your brand or service here and spread your message to the visitors and get real direct traffic to your money site. And you can increase the sales of your business or service through this network.

On YouTube video marketing is not expensive and also YouTube host all users’ videos for free of cost you can create your own channel and increase using Quality video update or buy YouTube subscribers so that people can get your video update faster. Sometime you will need some youtube marketing software to create video content for the users related your service or brand and remember always video content must be short, clear and easy to understand so that visitor can attract you and you will get the real direct traffic to your business place.


Money Pages into YouTube Video Content

Whenever we face with long sales page on the websites usually I tend to scroll to the end quickly. And I think this is just a too much and I found no interesting in the sale page so I would be much better to user youtube marketing secrets and I will convert those sale page to video content. According to my trend, moving content engages better with the viewer. I think nobody likes to real all the content rather watching the video content because it’s easy to understand and entertaining for the visitors.

Create Some videos for Video Testimonials

One most important thing is getting positive feedback from the users. So you can covert some video content to testimonials. Sometimes you need to show some text on the screen as testimonials. This may help to increase your sales or promote your brand name through Youtube. Some people love to see the feedback of your service before buy your service or products so it’s important to make some positive video testimonials for the users.


Aug 19

WordPress Plugin: OnePress Image Elevator [Free Version]

So OnePress Image Elevator is a plugin that helps optimize putting images in your WordPress post editor.   I often commented that the reason why I use Live Writer instead of using WordPress directly for creating posts is because I simply cannot paste images from my clip board into the WordPress post editor directly.

Well this is where OnPress Image Elevator comes in for WordPress (The Free Version) is the one I tested and it can be found at the WordPress plugin archives here:

Installing the plugin is a piece of cake and it activates easily and tells you about the premium features which honestly look so good I am going to immediately buy it and test the premium version next.

For now, you simply copy any image from your clip board and you can simply paste it directly into your WordPress post editor without having to even click the “Add Media” button, the only thing the free version doesn’t do is let you create custom default sizes, so that your images can automatically scale to say 550px wide, you are limited to it being inserted at original size, then you have to edit image and select one of your preset WordPress sizes or manually use the image editor.

The Premium version offers the ability to set preset dimensions for images and paste images with links, it also has built in compression on the fly and if this works well this may be the best value plugin at $13 for all of these features I have seen in a long time.

So if you need a quick ability to copy and paste images from your clip board like screenshots or clips with lightshot then I am pretty impressed with the free version of OnePress Image Elevator, I was so impressed that I am purchasing a premium copy to use and try myself.

Click to get the OnePress Image Elevator Free Version

If you want to jump right to the premium version of OnePress Image Elevator and test it with me, then click here to go right to the Premium OnePress Image Elevator WordPress Plugin.

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